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The sign said: Don't trust satellite navigation

Britain introduces road signs warning drivers about the dangers of trusting their satellite navigation devices.

By 29 August 2007


BlackBerry 8800: RIM does satellite navigation

RIM has joined the sat-nav bandwagon and produced a GPS-enabled BlackBerry -- it features the Pearl's trackball but there's no 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity

By 19 February 2007


Route 66 Mobile 7: Use your mobile for satellite navigation

Don't drive down the motorway with the map on your lap, attempting to locate Little Bighampton at 80mph -- get a sat-nav system instead. Here's one that works with your mobile phone

By 28 February 2006


Nissan's Teatro For Dayz concept car is a rolling Facebook page

Nissan's small car concept at the Tokyo Motor Show features exterior screens and an interior projector system that makes it a powerful social media device.

By 28 October 2015


Nokia sells Here maps business to carmakers Audi, BMW and Daimler

The deal shows how important mapping and location data are to the future of the car industry, particularly in the coming era of self-driving cars.

By 3 August 2015


Nine tech torments I'd like to see fixed in 2014

For CNET's Stephen Shankland, 'tis the season to be a grinch about problems that sully his daily use of phones, PCs, and other devices -- especially those that can be fixed.

By 16 December 2013


Intel says it bought ST-Ericsson's GPS operations

The chipmaker has agreed to acquire certain assets of ST-Ericsson's Global Navigation Satellite Systems business, and 130 employees from ST-Ericsson will join Intel as part of the deal.

By 29 May 2013


Nokia Lumia 720 on sale 8 April, Amazon reveals

Nokia's mid-range Windows Phone 8 blower, the Lumia 720, will be on sale on 8 April for £383, according to Amazon.

By 21 March 2013


Can dataless smartphones still use GPS navigation apps?

In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET's Marguerite Reardon explains how to turn a smartphone into a personal navigation device, even without a data connection.

By 13 March 2013