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E3 2016: Wednesday's biggest news

Here's a roundup of today's biggest news from E3 2016.

By 17 June 2016


Has Walmart temporarily sold out of Microsoft Surface RTs?

A couple of weeks after Microsoft's $900 million Surface RT write-down, Surface RTs seem to be selling -- at least at Walmart.

By 30 July 2013


Microsoft, Qualcomm to team up on next round of Surface RTs -- report

The Nvidia Tegra processors will still be available in some versions, according to Bloomberg.

By 20 June 2013


Apple Watch's Swiss debut delayed by patent snag

The patent may hold up the launch until December, when it expires, according to Swiss broadcaster RTS.

By 5 April 2015


RTS becomes real: driverless mining trucks return minerals to HQ

Google might still be testing its driverless car, but the mining industry is already operating with vehicles that don't require humans.

By 27 November 2012


Space Station: Frontier for iPad is hard to put down

Space Station: Frontier HD takes elements from tower-defense-type games and traditional RTS games to make an enjoyable and challenging experience with tons of replayability.

By 5 May 2010


Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III is sure to please fans of the RTS genre. While it's broken no new ground, an extensive single-player campaign and strong game fundamentals mean its one of the top titles in its class.

By 20 December 2005

0 stars Editors' rating 20 December 2005

Typical price: $100.00


Imperial Glory

Imperial Glory is a decent entry into the crowded RTS market, but needs some improvements in its battle system to make it a standout.

By 13 July 2005

0 stars Editors' rating 13 July 2005

Typical price: $90.00


Empire Earth II

RTS fans rejoice – Empire Earth II provides a complex and layered challenge both as a single player and multiplayer title. Newbies be warned: this game will take commitment to master.

By 28 April 2005

0 stars Editors' rating 28 April 2005

Typical price: $90.00