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PlayStation Plus will play a 'prominent role' on the PS4

The downloading service will be a big part of the PlayStation 4, and could offer PS3 games for the console, too.

By 2 March 2013


Facial-recognition tech played no role in ID'ing bomb suspects

Despite images of the suspects at the scene and in official databases, the software could not put names to their faces, Boston's police commissioner tells the Washington Post.

By 22 April 2013


Is Xiaomi the Chinese Apple? Its CEO plays the Steve Jobs role well

The company, which produces smartphones that can rival the iPhone 5, is valued at $4 billion less than three years after it was founded.

By 8 December 2012


Malfunction, not iPad, played greater role in Galaxy returns

Samsung survey of Best Buy returns finds that hardware malfunction is cited as the reason for their returns nearly three times more often than a desire for an iPad.

By 7 August 2012


Microsoft playing active role in ultrabook development?

The software company is reportedly investing time with ultrabook makers to ensure that the designs of those devices will work well with touch-enabled Windows 8 environments.

By 17 April 2012


Online role-playing can zap marital happiness, survey finds

Researchers say the biggest problem when such gaming enters a relationship is not so much the time spent on the game, but rather the resulting arguments and disrupted bedtime routines.

By 15 February 2012


Developers playing bigger role in next PlayStation

PlayStation 3 was widely regarded at its launch as a difficult platform for video game makers to develop for. Sony is apparently trying to avoid the same mistake twice.

By 7 July 2010


Amazon: U.S. played no role in WikiLeaks disconnect

Online retailer says decision to terminate its hosting relationship with the controversial site was based on terms of service violations and safety concerns.

By 3 December 2010


'Firefly' cast to reunite for online game

The entire cast of Joss Whedon's cult sci-fi Western will lend their voices to a new online role-playing game.

By 26 July 2014


Sea turtle plays star role in lost-camera saga

Turtle gets hold of digital camera lost in Aruba and films telling footage before the cam washes up on a Key West, Fla., shore six months later.

By 16 June 2010