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The complete Rock Band 4 soundtrack

See all 63 songs featured in the upcoming music game right here.

By 14 September 2015


Here's why Rock Band 4 standalone disc is more expensive on Xbox One than PS4

Harmonix explains why the Xbox One version will cost $20 more than the PlayStation 4 edition.

By 24 August 2015


Guitar Hero Live vs Rock Band 4 - GameSpot's The Lobby

GameSpot's Justin Haywald, Chris Watters, and Mike Mahardy talk about the pros and cons from the latest Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, and who they think is currently coming out on top.

By 30 July 2015


You what? Player beats Dark Souls using a Rock Band guitar

A player has beaten a game widely regarded as one of the most difficult in recent years using a Rock Band guitar peripheral instead of a controller.

By 11 September 2014


Rock Band without the plastic instruments: Rock Band Unplugged for PSP, hands-on

Rock Band has gone portable, but without the plastic instruments. How does it work? Let us tell you.

By 29 May 2009


Google's JAM with Chrome lets users play in virtual rock bands

The Web giant is testing a new social feature that lets users lay down guitar licks and blast virtual saxophones in an interactive Chrome Web app.

By 9 November 2012


Pricing wars and bandying about Rock Band

Australians finally get a long-awaited inquiry into local tech prices, EA angers a bunch of iOS users with Rock Band and we look at the BlackBerry of the future.

By 3 May 2012


EA not killing Rock Band for iOS after all

Electronic Arts now says that players will be able to keep playing the iOS version of Rock Band, and that the in-app message telling them otherwise was an error.

By 3 May 2012


EA's Rock Band for iOS 'no longer playable' after May 31

Owners of EA's Rock Band for iOS are finding out that the game will effectively expire at the end of the month.

By 3 May 2012


Mad Catz calls on Rock Band 3 for encore

Company says it will handle the re-release of the game, with three controllers, in time for the holiday-shopping season.

By 13 August 2011