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Vodafone ditches AU$5 Roaming fee in New Zealand

Australians travelling to New Zealand no longer have to worry about exorbitant roaming fees, or even paying a daily fee, with news that Vodafone is making its usual AU$5 Roaming charge free for trips to NZ.

By 1 February 2016


"As if Indiana Jones was a psychopath with a gun": Roaming tips, Gus Sorola from Rooster Teeth and gift ideas (Girt by CNET podcast 52)

In the wake of Telstra's changes to roaming charges we offer some tips and tricks for the frugal traveller, Gus Sorola from Rooster Teeth swings by to chat and Yule have a good time with our gift ideas.

By 4 December 2015


How to avoid mobile roaming charges overseas

Chances are you can't imagine travelling overseas without your smartphone. But what do you do when it comes to avoiding ridiculous data charges? There are plenty of ways to get full use of your phone when you're on the road.

By 4 December 2015


Telstra hikes roaming prices to popular travel destinations

Telstra has overhauled its pricing structure on International Travel Passes, giving customers more data but increasing prices by as much as AU$150 for travellers to the US, UK and Europe.

By 30 November 2015


Europe to kill roaming charges in 2017

Europeans have finally been given a date for the abolition of roaming charges across the EU.

By 28 October 2015


T-Mobile expands its Simple Global data roaming plan to more countries

The carrier's customers can now take advantage of unlimited data and texting and 20-cents per minute phone calls across more countries.

By 17 September 2015


President Obama roams Alaska with, oh, a selfie stick

Technically Incorrect: Posting to Twitter and Instagram, the president wants to highlight climate change. But a selfie stick? Is that wise?

By 3 September 2015


Google's mobile network could offer free international 'roaming'

Negotiations with Hutchison Whampoa could mean subscribers get free use of mobile phone networks in the UK, Hong Kong, and other countries, according to the UK's Independent.

By 5 April 2015


Europe to kill mobile phone roaming fees in 2017

The European Commission's decision means that Europeans who travel within the EU will pay the same mobile phone charges they do in their home country.

By 1 July 2015


Untethered robot characters at Disney parks couldn't possibly go wrong (Tomorrow Daily 189)

Disney Research may someday replace actors inside fuzzy costumes with fully robotic animatronic characters that will roam freely throughout its theme parks. We hope you know how to use a popcorn bucket or a mylar balloon as a defensive weapon.

By 5 June 2015