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Google appeals order demanding it apply 'right to be forgotten' globally

The search giant is fighting a ruling from a French data protection authority that wants it to remove search results on a global basis when requested.

By 20 May 2016


The best laptops you can buy right now

Our favorites, from budget-priced hybrids to upscale ultraportables to gaming laptops that skip the performance compromises.

By 22 July 2016


Tinder users can now swipe right on group dates

With Tinder Social, it's the more the merrier. The dating app has a new feature to bring together groups for a night out.

By 21 July 2016


Motorola's Moto Z and Z Force: Customization done right

With handy accessories and powerful specs, Motorola's pair of Moto Z phones take the right steps toward modularity.

18 Images By 21 July 2016


20 times Hollywood got hacking right (and oh so wrong)

We break down who knows their code...and who's faking it, from Mr. Robot all the way back to Angelina Jolie.

23 Images By 18 July 2016


Why you should right-click when you move files in Windows

You'll wish you knew this Windows tip all along.

By 15 July 2016


These are the coolest Pokemon collectibles you can buy right now

They're the perfect gifts for the Pokemon Go fanatic in your life. (Or just keep 'em all yourself.)

19 Images By 15 July 2016


Pokemon goes right to the top of searches on porn sites

Peekaboo Pikachu? The hit mobile game that's driving the world to distraction is prompting some players to look for Pokemon in places you might not have guessed.

By 13 July 2016


How to get Windows 10's dark theme right now

You can get this cool black-and-gray theme right now with a registry hack.

By 8 July 2016


Apple and Pebble fight for your wrist, and is Nougat right for your phone? (CNET's Open_Tab Ep. 5)

When will a smartwatch be worth it? What's it like becoming a virtual reality Ghostbuster? And is Nougat the best treat to represent the next version of Android? CNET's Scott Stein joins Jeff Bakalar and Joseph Kaminski over drinks, these topics and your comments.

By 3 July 2016