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Retro/Grade (PlayStation 3)

Retro/Grade succeeds at bringing a fresh take to the rhythm genre and filling it with sensory pleasures, but a lack of music means it outstays its welcome sooner rather than later.

By 21 September 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating 21 September 2012

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iCade 8-Bitty Retro Wireless Game Controller

iCade succeeds in shrinking last year's arcade cabinet down to a clever pocket size with the 8-Bitty controller. Even though it won't work with many iOS games, the price is low enough that some people will want to buy it anyway for the novelty.

By 19 October 2012

3 stars Editors' rating 19 October 2012

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Retro art for 'Rogue One,' 'Mad Max' almost makes VHS cool again

An artist gives modern movies an '80s makeover by crafting VHS boxes that would look at home on the shelves of any Blockbuster.

By 29 July 2016


Sega vs. Nintendo: Battle of the retro consoles

It's 1989 all over again. Sega's new Mega Drive console is coming to rival Nintendo's NES Classic Edition, delivering 80 classic Sega titles.

By 26 July 2016


Trump and Clinton star in retro video games you can really play

Game on! In these free online games, Trump collects bricks to build a wall on the Mexican border, while Clinton grabs super-PAC gifts.

By 9 June 2016


Pac-Man suit wraps you up in retro-gaming fashion glory

You've heard of power suits. Get ready to dress up in a power-pellet suit emblazoned with classic Pac-Man images.

By 12 April 2016


Mario-style shower curtain: Soak and star in your own retro game

Step aside, Pac-Man, Mario and Donkey Kong. There's a new luminary in the retro gaming world and it's the person standing behind a shower curtain.

By 22 March 2016


Get retro with Mattel's View-Master VR

The classic View-Master reinvents itself for the age of virtual reality with these low-cost goggles.

By 21 February 2016


Coleco is back! (massive updates)

The Coleco Chameleon wants to be the modern go-to platform for new and old 8- and 16-bit video games.

By 17 February 2016


Original Star Wars trilogy retold as a retro video game

8-Bit Cinema turns to the dark side with this pixelated tribute to Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and all our favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away.

By 23 December 2015