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Chinese retiree builds robotic horse

Su Daocheng, who says he is "addicted" to inventing, spent two months on the development of the petrol-powered beast.

By 29 January 2015


Tour the battleship USS Missouri

From World War II, through Korea, the Cold War, and Desert Storm, the Missouri served her country for 48 years. Take a photo tour of this incredible battleship.

By 4 December 2013


This could get noisy: New rule lets startups shout for money

The SEC on Monday will lift the ban on "general solicitation" and begin to allow companies to publicly talk about their fundraising efforts. Get ready to hear all about it.

By 23 September 2013


Ford Sync may save you money on insurance

Vehicles equipped with Sync can participate in State Farm's Drive Safe and Save mileage-based auto insurance program.

By 1 June 2012


Best Web sites for older job seekers

Whether you're looking to grow in your current career or embark on a new path in your middle years -- or later -- these resources will help you achieve your late-life goals.

By 23 May 2012


AT&T, Verizon face pension concerns, analyst says

Fears over billions of dollars in pension liabilities cause Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Craig Moffett to downgrade AT&T's stock.

By 26 October 2011


London Philharmonic chases video game 'high score'

The orchestra takes on famous video game theme songs with "The Greatest Video Game Music." Super Mario, BioShock, Angry Birds, and Call of Duty all get the classical treatment.

By 13 October 2011


High-tech ghost town planned for New Mexico

Company plans to build a model city to test future tech like renewable energy, next-gen Wi-Fi, smart grids, and traffic systems. The 20-square-mile project will be home to thousands of invisible inhabitants.

By 8 September 2011


Verizon workers soon to be back on duty

Verizon Communications says striking workers will be back on the job August 22, temporarily working under the terms of their old contract while a new one is hammered out.

By 21 August 2011


Verizon workers go on strike

The landline phone company and its workers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states are too far apart in their contract negotiations, and union leaders call their first strike in 11 years.

By 8 August 2011