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Apple 'Renews' its environmental push

To hype its Renew recycling program, the tech giant boasts that most of its facilities are run on renewable energy and introduces a robot that takes apart iPhones.

By 22 March 2016


Pokemon Go prompts Saudi Arabian clerics to renew fatwa against franchise

The country's Council of Scholars has deemed the augmented reality phenomenon to be un-Islamic, due to the game's supposedly negative iconography and promotion of gambling.

By 21 July 2016


Netflix pumps 'Bloodline,' renews series for third season

Season 3 of the Florida Keys-set family thriller will air in 2017 and consist of 10 episodes.

By 14 July 2016


Apple, FBI renew encryption debate before Congress

There may not be a simple solution to the encryption debate, at least not one the US government and tech companies can agree on.

By 20 April 2016


Feds renew push for Apple's help cracking iPhone in NY case

The Department of Justice wants Apple to pull data off an iPhone 5S used by a drug dealer.

By 9 April 2016


Apple's first Singapore store will be powered entirely by renewable energy

Following a global push to power all its facilities with green energy, the iPhone maker's first retail store in Singapore will run entirely on solar energy.

By 16 November 2015


Netflix won't renew movie licensing pact with Epix

Move is part of the streaming service's efforts to use original programming to attract new subscribers.

By 31 August 2015


Google buys 12 years of electricity from yet-to-be built wind farm

The Norwegian wind farm will supply renewable energy for Google's European data centres for 12 years.

By 30 June 2016


How to disable Apple Music's automatic renewal

Here's how you can avoid being charged for Apple Music after the trial expires.

By 1 July 2015


Apple has some solar power it wants to sell you

A big fan of renewable energy, Apple is making plans to sell excess power generated by rooftop solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells at its new spaceship campus.

By 11 June 2016