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Ultra HD '4K' TV refresh rates are all lies (basically)

"ClearMotion," "TruMotion," "Motion Rate 240" and "Effective" refresh rates are not true refresh rates. Here's why.

By 2 August 2015


Fake refresh rates: Is your TV really 120Hz?

In an effort to keep prices down and sales up, TV companies are pushing TVs with "fake" refresh rates. Know your terms and tech to make sure you're really getting what you think you're paying for.

By 20 August 2013


What is refresh rate?

What do 120Hz, 240Hz, 600Hz really mean for the picture quality of your new HDTV?

By 9 October 2012


Refresh rate, motion blur a nonissue on modern LCDs?

Is motion blur detectable in modern LCDs?

By 15 October 2009


240Hz refresh rate makes its way to Toshiba LCDs

Toshiba's ZV650 series, Toshiba's step-up line of flat-panel LCDs, offers a 240Hz refresh rate, among other enhancements.

By 8 January 2009


JVC cranks up refresh rate on LCD TVs

Technically speaking, the television screens will have a refresh rate of 180Hz. What that should mean in layman's terms is a better picture.

By 9 October 2007


Blurry/fuzzy projector output (#2): Try changing refresh rate

Continuing coverage of blurry or fuzzy projector output -- changing the refresh rate helps in some cases.

By 12 April 2007


Mac OS X 10.3.4: Monitor refresh rates; audio playthrough

Mac OS X 10.3.4: Monitor refresh rates; audio playthrough

By 23 June 2004


iPhone 6S, Apple TV 2015 and iPad Pro: All the cool stuff Apple just announced

In a jam-packed event, Apple announced some long-awaited products and the annual iPhone updates.

By 10 September 2015


When are more expensive cables worth it?

HDMI, USB, speaker, and other cables come in a wide variety of prices. Is it ever worth it to spend more? Actually, sometimes yes.

By 20 June 2015