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Nokia refocuses after hanging up devices and services unit

When the Microsoft deal closes, Nokia will get a new unit called Advanced Technologies. Just what will this unknown quantity be working on?

By 15 January 2014


Nokia vs. Lytro: the refocusing challenge

We pit the Nokia 1520 and Lytro camera head-to-head in a refocusing battle. Can a smartphone topple the light-field camera?

By 9 December 2013


Nokia Refocus app now available for Lumia handsets

The Refocus app that simulates the effect of a Lytro camera is now available for a range of Nokia phones.

By 14 November 2013


Nokia's Refocus app makes its way to Lumia PureView devices

The app allows users to adjust the focal point of an image after the photo has been taken.

By 14 November 2013


Nokia Lumia 1520 gets RAW photos, Lytro-like refocusing

Smartphone photographers get more options with the announcement of RAW support for the Lumia 1520, trickling down to the Lumia 1020 in due course.

By 23 October 2013


KaleidoCamera brings Lytro-like refocusing to your SLR

Light-field technology has grown in popularity since the arrival of the Lytro camera, which allows photographers to refocus images after they have been taken.

By 22 July 2013


Get Lytro-like refocusing with the FocusTwist app

This Lytro-style app is coming to a smartphone near you soon, allowing users to refocus images after they have been taken.

By 22 April 2013


Refocusing camera module could soon come to smartphones

A company called DigitalOptics has revealed a Lytro-like technology that lets photographers refocus images after they have been taken, coming soon to a smartphone near you.

By 4 March 2013


Turn your camera into a Lytro-like refocusing machine

Jealous of your friends with their fancy Lytro cameras that can refocus after the shot has been taken? Here is an easy way to make your existing camera deliver a similar result.

By 17 December 2012


ST-Ericsson refocuses business, announces layoffs

The company says that it will be forced to reduce its global workforce by 1,700 employees, but some of those will be transferred to ST as part of its broader plan.

By 24 April 2012