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A hashtag claims Airbnb racism is real, and Harvard study agrees

People are using the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack to highlight a problem with the sharing economy.

By 6 May 2016


Mafia 3 tackles racism and the Vietnam War in 1960s New Orleans

Mafia 3 takes the series into new and risky territory.

By 5 August 2015


Twitter admits dragging feet on trolls, bans Milo Yiannopoulos

The social network is promising to take a harder stance on online nastiness after suspending the account of conservative firebrand @Nero.

By 20 July 2016


Google vet's new Candid app for anonymous sharing puts trolls in their place

Bindu Reddy wanted a social app where she could say what she really thought, hear unfiltered responses and tamp down the volume on trolls.

By 21 July 2016


Netflix blames us for its subscriber woes (The 3:59, Ep. 80)

And by us, we mean the press. We also talk about Pokemon Go (again) and the racist Twitter attack on "Ghostbusters" star Leslie Jones.

By 20 July 2016


After Dallas shootings, ex-congressman tweets threat of war against Obama

Technically Incorrect: As at least four police officers lie dead, former Rep. Joe Walsh takes to Twitter to threaten the president on behalf of "Real America."

By 8 July 2016


Alton Sterling's shooting death boils over on Twitter

Technically Incorrect: A video of a black man being shot dead by police emerges. Twitter, as usual, becomes an epicenter for reactions ranging from the enraged to the numb.

By 7 July 2016


Facebook aflame over laundry detergent ad in which woman turns black man pale

Technically Incorrect: In China, Qiaobi laundry detergent launches an ad that many find racist.

By 27 May 2016


In this parody, there's nothing in this world J.J. Abrams can't fix

Some might say J.J. Abrams single-handedly saved the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises. In this comedy clip, he sets his sights on tackling everything else, sexism and racism included.

By 23 February 2016


Step into another skin with Everyday Racism app

A new free app for iOS and Android lets you experience a small slice of what life's like in Australia as an Indian student, a Muslim woman, or an Aboriginal man.

By 23 January 2014