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Aston Martin Racing 808

This licensed smartphone goes on sale later this year in countries including Dubai, Singapore, China and the UK, but its specs don't exactly live up to its famous name.

By 9 October 2015

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Real Racing 3

Even with the freemium model, Real Racing 3 still holds the crown as best racing game on a touch screen.

By 28 February 2013

4 stars Editors' rating 28 February 2013

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Sony PlayStation Move Racing Wheel

Despite a couple of limitations, the Sony Move Racing Wheel performs well, delivering a good sense of steering a car in racing games, and is much easier to set up than a full racing wheel.

By 22 November 2012

4 stars Editors' rating 22 November 2012

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A day at Apple summer camp: Racing bots and coding for fun

Like Google and Microsoft, Apple is investing in programs to teach your kids how to code and play with technology.

By 29 July 2016


Racing for Pokemon Go!

Who can catch the most Pokemon in 30 minutes? We pitted a Mazda3 against a Chevy Tahoe to see which is better for grabbing pocket monsters in the city.

By 16 July 2016


Oculus Rift and CXC Simulations: a match made in VR racing heaven

The makers of the most impressive home racing simulator we've tested join forces with a leader in VR tech to push digital racing realism to new heights.

By 5 July 2016


Dark side of the moon: The grim history of NASA's space race

On this day in history: June 20 marks some important milestones in the dark history of human space exploration.

By 20 June 2016


Apple, Microsoft and Google race to introduce your kid to coding

With the new Swift Playgrounds app, Apple is trying to make the next generation computer literate, just the latest tech giant to take up the cause.

By 15 June 2016


Moto Z beats iPhone 7 in the race to kill the headphone jack

Analysis: Rumors that Apple might remove the headphone jack in its next iPhone provoked strong reactions, but Motorola's new Moto Z and Z Force may pave the way for the change.

By 10 June 2016


India launches mini shuttle in race to replace NASA spacecraft

The Indian Space Research Organisation's shuttle will shoot up into the atmosphere before crashing back down into the sea. It is not expected to land in one piece.

By 23 May 2016