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Netflix boss queues up $100M to get your kids better educated

CEO Reed Hastings' joins a growing list of tech leaders ponying up their fortunes to help others and push for societal changes.

By 14 January 2016


Tidal adds Google Chromecast support to updated app

Tidal refreshed its media streaming app today with an update that finally lets users send audio and video to a Google Chromecast dongle.

By 9 July 2016


Nintendo might make its own controller for phones, tablets

After years of focusing solely on its own gaming consoles, the company hopes to make a bigger dent in the mobile market.

By 7 July 2016


More joy for your stick: VR porn makes a splash at E3

"Gamers are a key audience for us," says the chief information officer at porn studio Naughty America. Judging by the queue at the booth, he might be right.

By 16 June 2016


My all-nighter with the first iPhone

Nine years ago phone history was made when the first iPhone went on sale. I was there to write the first CNET review.

By 30 June 2016


Travel the world without printing a thing

Your complete guide to traveling without paper, from tickets to touristing.

By 22 June 2016


11 new Siri tricks for iOS 10

Major upgrades are coming to Siri. Here are some of the new ways you will be able to use Siri following the updates.

By 17 June 2016


​What is it like in their shoes? Get onstage with 'Hamilton' in Facebook 360-degree video

Facebook has scored the toughest tickets in town, giving "Hamilton" fans an on-stage pass to watch the musical cast sing an a capella version of "Wait for It" -- and you can watch from the centre of the action.

By 9 June 2016


'Crowd Control,' part 15: Heaven isn't big enough for everyone

In this installment of CNET's crowdsourced sci-fi novel, a war on Earth is spilling over into a parallel universe, threatening to slam the gates of heaven shut.

By 7 June 2016


How to use Spotify: Building your library, downloading music and more

There's a lot going on in Spotify's app. Here's what you need to know.

By 1 June 2016