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Pyramat PM440W

At CES 2007, we check out this wireless chair that lets you fully experience your games and movies.

22 May 2008


Pyramat S2000 Sound Rocker

An impractical but entertaining addition to a gamer's bedroom or the lounge room, the S2000 "sound chair" brings a bit of arcade-style fun home.

By 14 September 2006

3 stars Editors' rating 14 September 2006

Typical price: $249.00


E3: Butt-kicking action

Feel the bass in your butt with the Pyramat S2000, a speaker-equipped rocking chair for gaming, movie-watching, and more.

22 May 2008


Musical chairs: Pyramat Sound Rocker and LumiSource Boom Chair 3.0

Musical chairs: Pyramat Sound Rocker and LumiSource Boom Chair 3.0

By 5 January 2006


Cubicle dwellers, rejoice: A game chair for you

Finally, a way to make workdays productive.

By 17 November 2007


Photos: Top new toys you'll want (well, most of them)

We've just been to play with some cool new kit from gadget emporium Firebox.com -- take a look at what's set to be filling up our Christmas lists

By 30 July 2007


'Lap Blaster' is good for you--no, really

It promises to boost laptop sound and help prevent overheating.

By 26 June 2007


'Wireless' game seat still has umbilical cords

'Wireless Sound Rocker' really isn't

By 19 March 2007


ButtKicker Gamer: Rock your seat

The ButtKicker Gamer gives bass-hungry gamers a relatively inexpensive way to feel their games.

By 9 January 2007