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Music? Let me Google that for you

On this week's Pulse podcast, we blather aimlessly about Google Music, reveal that Spotify is coming to Australia and Joe talks his Skyrim addiction.

By 17 November 2011


Down and PSN out

On this week's Pulse podcast the big news of the day is, of course, the PSN outage. We've all been h4x0r3d!

By 28 April 2011


Pulse does CES 2011!

Want to know what gadgets 2011 holds? This week the Pulse podcast visits the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to bring you this year's hottest tech.

By 14 January 2011


Cheap thrills to save tech bills

The Pulse podcast this week is brought to you by the letter C, which stands for cheap. We look at low-cost telcos, tablets and group buying.

By 2 December 2010


Unfriends forever

On the Pulse podcast this week we look at the process of "unfriending", explore whether phones give you cancer and ask why, Telstra, why???

By 11 November 2010


It don't Move me

What price do we pay for being Aussie? If you are a gadget fiend then you're well aware of the fact that we pay more than our US counterparts. We discuss this and the motion gaming phenomenon on this week's Pulse podcast.

By 4 November 2010


Men are from Android

We discuss the contentious gender issues of mobile phone operating systems on this week's Pulse podcast, alongside our favourite vapourware games and our final verdict on Windows Phone 7.

By 21 October 2010


ROFL for the 21st century

We're going car crazy on the Pulse podcast as we take a trip to Paris for the Motor Show, check out the latest in mobiles and ask if 3D actually has legs. And someone falls off their chair.

By 7 October 2010


The one with Apple disappointment

On this week's Pulse podcast we take a look at the big announcements from the past week and discuss Apple's latest MP3 players, Samsung's Galaxy Tab becoming official and dance like crazies with Microsoft Kinect.

By 9 September 2010


Take your tablets

On this week's Pulse podcast we head to a 3D film-making masterclass, speculate on the iPod rumours, which you'll probably know about by the time you listen to the show, and get excited about tablets. Again.

By 1 September 2010