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Prototype gadget can scan and identify fonts on demand

Spector is only a design concept for now, but font geeks are already giddy about this typeface tool.

By 6 July 2016


The Alienware VR backpack prototype (pictures)

This AMD-powered portable desktop gaming PC may someday allow Oculus and Vive gaming on the go.

7 Images By 14 June 2016


Alienware's out-there prototypes (pictures)

Alienware's gaming PCs aren't known just for their performance. They get style points as well. Here's a look at some of the earliest prototypes.

14 Images By 10 June 2016


Shape-shifting mobile prototype is half smartphone, half Rubik's Cube

The Cubimorph, cooked up by academics at UK and US universities, is a prototype made up of folding cubes that can form themselves into a variety of shapes.

By 17 May 2016


Samsung cooks up crazy prototype gadgets like VR camera necklaces, helmet speakers

But we're not going to be able to buy these anytime soon. The gadgets and software come from its C-Lab that lets employees experiment.

By 30 April 2016


These Nissan office chair prototypes move all by themselves

We're one step closer to our automated future as Nissan imagines office chairs that arrange themselves around desks or the conference room table.

By 17 February 2016


Watch Quantum Break prototype footage

Plus, developer Remedy talks about telling a story that covers "much more" than one game.

By 8 February 2016


Swimming with drones > dancing with wolves (Tomorrow Daily 305 show notes)

We love the Loon Copter, a drone from Oakland University that can fly like a standard drone...but floats and dives underwater, too.

By 28 January 2016


Prototype drone swims better than we can (Tomorrow Daily 305)

A drone that can dive and swim, plus a robotic arm designed to 3D-print futuristic concrete structures.

By 28 January 2016


Watch Star Wars Battlefront 3 footage from apparent prototype version

Check out the game's reported title screen and some gameplay on Hoth.

By 21 January 2016