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Oakley unveils its version of Google's Project Glass

The new Airwave goggles gives skiers an eyefull of stats -- including distance, temperature, speed and altitude. For those who can't bear disconnection on the slopes, the goggles will also display incoming calls and text messages.

By 27 October 2012


Sony making Project Glass rival specs, share data by ogling

Sony's upcoming digital glasses seem similar to Google's, but you stare to share info.

By 23 June 2012


Watch California Lt. Gov. try out Google's Project Glass

Google's co-founder lets California's lieutenant governor and Current TV talk show host Gavin Newsom try on a pair of Project Glass specs, without revealing much of how they work.

By 30 May 2012


First Project Glass video surfaces

This week Google posted the first video of its Project Glass specs in action, along with a gallery of snaps.

By 27 May 2012


Google patents Project Glass wearable display

The tech titan receives three patents for a "wearable display device" with the look and functions of its Project Glass augmented reality glasses.

By 15 May 2012


Google Project Glass high-tech specs first hands-free photo

Google has shown off the first picture taken by the Project Glass high-tech specs, a hands-free snap.

By 10 May 2012


Google's Project Glass: Action photos from your eyewear

A new image of a Googler spinning his son while wearing a future-tech prototype has excited users who now have better insight into its potential.

By 9 May 2012


First app for Google's Project Glass: Sharing photos

Sebastian Thrun, who works on Google's Project Glass, shows how to operate the wearable computer glasses by taking a photo of Charlie Rose and sharing it on Google Plus.

By 27 April 2012


Augmented reality experts hit out at Google's Project Glass

Those in the know have expressed doubts about Google's prototype eyewear.

By 8 April 2012


Google's Project Glass: You ain't seen nothin' yet

The augmented-reality Project Glass provides a peek into Google's ambitions with artificial intelligence and how AI software could further shake up mobile computing.

By 7 April 2012