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The IT pricing inquiry one year on: Aussies still paying more

It's been 12 months since the parliamentary inquiry into the so-called 'Australia Tax' delivered its findings -- but has anything changed?

By 29 July 2014


IT pricing inquiry verdict: Australia is consistently ripped off

The IT pricing inquiry has found that "the price differences for IT products cannot be explained by the cost of doing business in Australia" and recommends the removal of geo-blocking restrictions.

By 29 July 2013


No revelations in IT pricing inquiry hearing

The first public IT pricing inquiry hearing was held yesterday in Sydney.

By 31 July 2012


PSA: IT pricing inquiry submissions close today

If you have some time to spare today, head over to the House of Representatives website and make a submission to the inquiry into IT pricing.

By 6 July 2012


Australia to support geo-blocking as part of Trans-Pacific Partnership deal

Despite the recommendations of the IT pricing inquiry, Australia is supporting a proposal to prohibit the circumvention of "technological measures" such as geo-blocking.

By 14 November 2013


Apple, Adobe, Microsoft subpoenaed to explain price gouging

Apple, Adobe and Microsoft have finally been held accountable for their reticence in the IT pricing inquiry, with the three companies summonsed to explain their pricing before a public hearing.

By 11 February 2013


Price gouging inquiry drags its heels

A plan to subpoena recalcitrant global IT companies in the parliamentary IT pricing inquiry seems to have slowed right down.

By 12 December 2012


Australian Government pays less for tech

The Australian Government has volume-sourcing deals with Microsoft and other providers, meaning that it pays less than 50 per cent of the cost with which Australian consumers are slugged, the IT pricing inquiry has heard.

By 14 August 2012