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Adobe cuts prices in Australia following price-gouging probe

The company has slashed the cost of its Creative Cloud subscription in Australia to match the price charged in the United States.

By 13 February 2013


Apple, Adobe, Microsoft subpoenaed to explain price gouging

Apple, Adobe and Microsoft have finally been held accountable for their reticence in the IT pricing inquiry, with the three companies summonsed to explain their pricing before a public hearing.

By 11 February 2013


Price gouging inquiry drags its heels

A plan to subpoena recalcitrant global IT companies in the parliamentary IT pricing inquiry seems to have slowed right down.

By 12 December 2012


Australian price gouging: is it what we think it is?

The Australia tax. We imagine it as some vast, groaning behemoth, barely able to move under the weight of its own corpulent avarice.

12 Images By 3 July 2012


Beware Chevy Volt price gouging

Reports surface of dealers planning to charge large premiums in addition to GM's $41,000 price tag.

By 6 August 2010


Green Man Gaming gives Aussie 'gouging' discount

Sick of so-called "price gouging" on video games? So is Green Man, and it's putting its money where its mouth is.

By 18 January 2013


Storm surge: Uber just doubled car service pricing in NYC

The car-service booking app is implementing Surge Pricing in the city, but some consider this to be price gouging. Fares could skyrocket even higher as more New Yorkers seek rides in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

By 2 November 2012


XXX marks the lawsuit from peeved porn giant

Manwin Licensing International says the new .xxx domain should be removed from the Web, alleging "monopolistic conduct" and "price gouging" by ICANN and the ICM registry.

By 18 November 2011


Loaded: Social networking for suckers

Apple and Microsoft update their MP3 lineups, the U.S. Senate investigates text-message price gouging, and both AT&T and Verizon launch mobile social networks.

By 11 September 2008


E-tailer Value America cuts staff, loses execs

Value America announces a drastic restructuring as the online retailer grapples with lackluster sales and price gouging from its competition.

30 December 1999