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Nintendo 2DS price cut, new games announced

The entry-level system gets a price cut later this month; two new games announced for younger gamers.

By 12 May 2016


Here's when the Xbox One $50 price cut ends

You have until the end of April to pick up a new Xbox One for as little as $300.

By 5 April 2016


Pebble's Time watches get a price cut

The Time and Round models, but not the Steel, are now permanently on sale.

By 2 March 2016


PlayStation 4 gets a price cut in time for Christmas

Sony has announced it will drop the price of its flagship PlayStation 4 console in time for the busiest retail period of the year, the first price cut since its launch.

By 21 October 2015


The color-changing Lifx LED gets a big price cut

Originally priced at $100 each, Lifx is now selling its app-enabled, color-changing bulbs for $60 a pop.

By 9 October 2015


Older iPhones get price cut but lose some bling

As Apple unveils new iPhones, its older 6 and 6 Plus models drop by $100 on contract, and the 5S goes to "free." You can't get those gadgets in gold though, or with 128 gigabytes of storage.

By 10 September 2015


The Amped Wireless RTA2600 could use a price cut

You can save some money by avoiding the Amped Wireless RAT2600 MU-MIMO router right now, but maybe buying it later. CNET editor Dong Ngo explains how.

By 26 August 2015


Samsung plans price cut for Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

Warning that it faced a difficult market environment, the smartphone maker announces that it's "adjusting" the price of its flagship handsets.

By 30 July 2015


Sony: PS4 Is dominating Europe, no plans for price cut

PlayStation 4 has a 70-90 percent market share in Europe, according to executive Jim Ryan.

By 30 June 2015


Apple TV gets price cut to $69

CEO Tim Cook lowers the price of the Apple TV from $99 to $69.

10 March 2015