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​Wonder Woman for president! Lynda Carter cast in 'Supergirl'

The second season of the TV series "Supergirl" is getting the kind of national leader many of us wish we could vote for in real life.

By 22 June 2016


President Obama admits his new phone is an embarrassment

Technically Incorrect: Finally, he doesn't have a BlackBerry. The new one, however, isn't a smartphone as we know it.

By 13 June 2016


President Obama's at the next table, but Hanoi diners don't give a pho

During a weeklong trip to Asia, the president dined with chef Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam for an episode of "Parts Unknown" that will air in September.

By 24 May 2016


Donald Trump: The president to take us to Mars?

Believe it or not, Republican Donald Trump may be the presidential candidate that would get humans to the Red Planet sooner rather than later.

By 6 May 2016


It's Avengers vs. US presidents in this Jimmy Kimmel trivia challenge

ABC's late night gabfest asks people on the street to name Avengers and US presidents. The results will make you sad. Batman isn't an Avenger!

By 15 April 2016


Michelle Obama says she won't run for president

Speaking at SXSW, the first lady talks about the importance of education for young girls, the record album that influenced her the most -- and life after the White House.

By 17 March 2016


Singing computer alarms the president. President Johnson, that is

Declassified CIA memos from the 1960s show the United States was concerned about Chinese computing power and that other arms race with the Soviet Union -- the space race.

By 18 September 2015


Mexico's president chooses Twitter to announce capture of drug lord El Chapo

Technically Incorrect: President Enrique Peña Nieto seems to believe that the best microphone for good news is Twitter.

By 11 January 2016


Donald Trump shames President Obama for watching 'Star Wars'

Technically Incorrect: In a new campaign ad, the leading Republican candidate insists that serious presidents don't watch sci-fi movies at times like this.

By 2 January 2016


President Obama is funny getting coffee with Jerry Seinfeld

Technically Incorrect: Appearing in the popular Web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," the president and Jerry Seinfeld are almost funnier than Bill Gates and Seinfeld.

By 1 January 2016