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Comic-Con 2012

CNET heads to San Diego for Comic-Con, America's pre-eminent entertainment geekfest.


Telstra Pre-Paid Wi-Fi 4G

Telstra's prepaid Wi-Fi 4G hotspot looks cheap, and it is cheap, although the accompanying data isn't. The combination the two does make for excellent value, however.

8 April 2013

5 stars Editors' rating 8 April 2013

Typical price: $149.00


Telstra Pre-Paid 3G USB + Wi-Fi

Telstra's clever Pre-Paid 3G USB+Wi-Fi does offer Wi-Fi sharing from a single USB modem, but we're left fervently wishing it was a 4G device.

5 April 2013

4 stars Editors' rating 5 April 2013

Typical price: $59.00

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AT&T U2800A GoPhone (black) - Prepaid/Pay As You Go

Huawei's AT&T U2800A is a basic phone with a simple design for AT&T's GoPhone prepaid service.

10 August 2012

Pricing not available


UK Palm Pre to get paid apps in March

To celebrate the excruciating lateness of the Palm Pre to the UK late last year, Palm has set a date for paid-for applications to be available on the device in Europe: March

By 5 January 2010


AT&T CEO vows to 'shake up' no-contract wireless with Cricket

AT&T's head honcho teases lower priced plans and different offers in the pre-paid arena.

By 29 January 2014


AT&T's Q3 profit inches up to $3.8B, tops expectations

Only 178,000 of the company's 1 million net new customers signed a contract to get a smartphone, with much of its growth coming from tablets and pre-paid customers.

By 24 October 2013


Pre-pay and go with ZTE's AT&T Avail

As a GoPhone device, the AT&T Avail by ZTE is a basic Android phone that is also pre-paid, and costs $129.99.

By 10 May 2012


Paid-search spending on the rise

Spending on paid search snaps back to its pre-recession levels, rising 14 percent year over year in the second quarter, according to SearchIgnite.

By 14 July 2010


Calling card vs. 'Freedom Phone'

This concept phone is a small pre-paid handset, but it's probably better to buy a calling card.

By 4 February 2008


Telstra prepaid handset recharge

Telstra prepaid customers now have access to a "My Pre-paid" button on their handsets giving them the ability to recharge their accounts from their phones.

By 28 May 2008