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Powerboard solutions for big plugs

One of our biggest tech bugbears is AC adapter chargers that don't play nicely with powerboards.

7 Images By 16 August 2012


Save power with smart-sensing power boards and timers

With power bills on the rise and ever more tech gadgets entering the home, it can pay to be power conscious.

By 14 May 2012


Skateboarding into urban warfare

Another entrant to the motorized-skateboard jungle.

By 9 August 2007


Battle of the motorized skateboards

Competition is heating up--who knew?

By 9 August 2007


Boarding for boomers

E-Glide makes motorized skateboards

By 23 May 2007


D-Link DHP-300

D-Link's take on HD powerline adaptors manages to look a lot better than the competition, but the same old network performance woes bring the whole package down.

31 January 2008

3 stars Editors' rating 31 January 2008

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