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ElectroVine: Power cord disguised as a house plant

The mild-mannered power cord gets a makeover that would turn Poison Ivy green with envy.

By 19 August 2014


Verizon's Power House embraces Super Bowl madness (pictures)

Verizon's exhibit in Bryant Park in Manhattan offers football-related sights and attractions, as well as a place to charge your phone.

7 Images By 1 February 2014


BIQ House: World's first building powered by algae

An apartment building powered by algae bio-reactors will open in Hamburg, Germany, at the end of this month.

By 13 April 2013


Migo Personal for iPod

There's more to an iPod than just music. A Migo-powered iPod transforms any Windows XP/2000 system into the image of your own. And it works well.

13 December 2004

4 stars Editors' rating 13 December 2004

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Ford House museum app tempts history buffs

For fans of automotive history, a visit to the Edsel and Elanor Ford estate in Detroit is a must, but if you can't make it to Michigan, this free iPhone app is a reasonable substitute.

By 18 August 2010


Solar power glass house helps pump oil

GlassPoint Solar signs deal in Oman to install solar concentrators to produce steam for oil recovery in existing fields. The aim? Lower natural gas use and lighten the environmental impact.

By 5 August 2011


In a blackout? Nissan wants Leaf to power your house

Automotive News reports on Nissan's assertion that the Leaf EV can serve as backup electricity for homes.

By 21 June 2011


A tour of the Vault at the Petersen Automotive Museum

The Petersen Automotive Museum has hundreds of incredible cars, but many have never been seen by the public. Behold the Vault, where they house classics from over 100 years of automotive history that can't fit in the museum itself. Here's a tour with tons of pictures.

By 19 October 2013


K-Break: Tuning your car to be VIP

K-Break, in Japan, is a tuning house that's rather different to most. It's not all about power, but about looks.

By 15 November 2013


You build the house, we'll power it

Intel pours more money into "digital home" companies.

By 21 September 2004