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Pokemon X and Y

Pokémon X and Y have brought a much-needed graphics refresh to the 17-year-old franchise, as well as a few gameplay tweaks and a bigger world, for the most immersive Pokémon game yet.

By 13 November 2013

4.5 stars Editors' rating 13 November 2013

Typical price: $59.95


Pokemon Black and White

That Pokemon has managed to maintain its fun and compelling nature for all these years is worth noting. Pokemon Black and White offer a rich Pokemon experience with gameplay that is, after all, well-loved; and with plenty to offer Pokefans both old and new.

By 21 March 2011

4.5 stars Editors' rating 21 March 2011

Typical price: $69.95


Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

If it wasn't for the Pokewalker, HeartGold and SoulSilver would just be two more in a long chain of Pokemon titles. As it stands, the pedometer has injected the as-addictive-as-ever gameplay with a new life.

By 27 April 2010

4 stars Editors' rating 27 April 2010

Typical price: $69.95


Watch Nintendo legend Miyamoto reminisce about Pokemon's 20th anniversary

Iconic Nintendo designer talks about his contributions to the series and thanks fans for their support in new video.

By 19 April 2016


Watch 9 minutes of Pokemon Go, Nintendo's augmented reality mobile game

Leaked beta footage has given us our best look yet at Pokemon Go, Nintendo's highly anticipated game for mobile platforms.

By 27 April 2016


Watching a baby choose her first Pokemon looks like one tough, adorable choice

Some parents film their baby daughter as she chooses her first Pokemon to be her best friend in a world they must defend.

By 19 April 2016


Pokemon main series sales reach new milestone

This is how many mainline Pokemon games have been sold since 1996.

By 17 March 2016


How Pokemon turned me into a nerd

Commentary: As Pokemon celebrates its 20th anniversary, CNET's Luke Lancaster looks back on how the global phenomenon made him the game-loving nerd he is today.

By 4 March 2016


Pokemon Red and Blue's most memorable moments

This weekend saw the release of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow to Nintendo's 3DS eShop, making now an appropriate time to revisit some of the best moments from the two games that started the Pokemon craze.

10 Images By 2 March 2016


8 great ways Pokemon invaded pop culture

From speech writing for a presidential campaign to inspiring WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan and MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, Pokemon invaded popular culture hard. See our eight favorite moments of Pokemania!

By 29 February 2016