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So, what is the PlayStation Vita's real price?

Officially, the device 3G version of Sony's PlayStation Vita is on sale for $299.99, but it's reportedly $100 cheaper in some locations.

By 12 March 2013


Sony: No price cut for PlayStation Vita in U.S. -- report

Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida says the Japanese version's price was cut because of exchange rates, and therefore, doesn't impact the U.S. or Europe.

By 22 February 2013


Sony mum on PlayStation Vita price drops for U.S., Europe

The Playstation Vita is important to Sony's PlayStation 4 strategy, but the company did not announce price cuts similar to those for Japan.

By 21 February 2013


Sony trims price of PlayStation Vita, adds new color

In Japan, Sony slices the price of the PlayStation Vita and also introduces a new color for the powerful gaming device.

By 19 February 2013


PlayStation Plus now available on Vita

Sony's handheld gaming device will be getting access to the PlayStation Plus subscription service from 21 November.

By 14 November 2012


PlayStation Mobile and PlayStation Vita: Too many screens for Sony?

Sony has a new high-end handheld. Sony has Android phones and tablets. Sony's E3 press conference didn't help bring them closer together.

By 5 June 2012


A conversation with the first PlayStation Vita hacker

In an exclusive talk with Crave, a person associated with the first group to hack the Sony PlayStation Vita tells us how and why it happened, and what to expect as they develop the exploit.

By 7 September 2012


PlayStation Vita update brings PSOne classics, new features

Sony's given the PlayStation Vita a software makeover -- Luke runs down what's new in this video.

By 28 August 2012


PlayStation Mobile is 'snack-sized' gaming for Android, Vita

The renamed platform will host games for the Vita and PlayStation certified Android smart phones or tablets.

By 15 August 2012


Sony PlayStation Vita overheats, tech watchdog investigates

The Sony PlayStation Vita has suffered problems with overheating while charging, prompting an investigation by Japanese authorities.

By 27 July 2012