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Scientists find a planet so young it isn't even really a planet yet

The earliest stage of planetary development ever seen has been found in a disc of dust around a new star imaged in 2014.

By 18 March 2016


Hubble probes atmosphere on 'diamond planet'

Using data from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers analyze the atmosphere of a super-Earth for the very first time.

By 17 February 2016


Where did Planet Nine come from?

There's a mysterious ninth planet orbiting unseen in the far reaches in our solar system, and it's baffling scientists.

By 5 May 2016


First dwarf star planets boost search for extraterrestrial life

Three planets are the first to be seen orbiting an ultracool dwarf star, and could be our best hope yet for finding extraterrestrial life.

By 3 May 2016


'A Beautiful Planet,' shot from the International Space Station (pictures)

Astronauts in orbit took over the cameras to shoot an upcoming Imax film that offers a view of a changing Earth.

12 Images By 23 April 2016


Is this what Planet Nine looks like?

A team of astrophysicists has created a model of the imagined size, shape and composition of the possible ninth planet in the solar system.

By 8 April 2016


Over half of the giant Kepler planets may not be planets after all

A five-year study of data from the Kepler space observatory has found that over half the possible planets it has identified are either eclipsing binary stars or brown dwarfs.

By 5 December 2015


How to find a real-life Krypton, Superman's home planet

Could the fact that astronomers have yet to find a planet matching the Man of Steel's origin story be the reason he's so moody and peeved at Batman?

By 26 March 2016


15 Star Trek planets you need to visit this year (pictures)

Can't wait for the upcoming Star Trek flick? Maybe you should make plans for which planets you'll visit during your gap year after graduating from Starfleet.

24 Images By 1 March 2016


From a glass box to the Red Planet: The strange journey of a Martian-in-training

Physicist and comedian Josh Richards is ready and willing to die on Mars. But first he has to survive a see-through, mocked-up habitat in Sydney, Australia.

By 7 February 2016