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Planetary Resources' plan to mine asteroids

Planetary Resources co-founders Peter Diamandis and Eric Anderson discuss the space startup's goal to mine nearby asteroids for water, platinum, and other natural minerals for use on Earth.

25 April 2012


Planetary Resources to mine asteroids with robots

Planetary Resources, the new company for mining asteroids, has outlined its plans to pinch materials from space.

By 25 April 2012


Planetary Resources seeks to mine asteroids' riches

A space startup says nearby asteroids can be mined for water, platinum, and other natural resources to enable space exploration and bring those valuable materials to Earth.

By 25 April 2012


World's first public space telescope gets Kickstarter goal

Marking the most successful Kickstarter campaign for a space project, Planetary Resources now has $1.5 million to launch its Arkyd telescope and bring asteroid, galaxy, and planet exploration to the public.

By 2 July 2013


Use-it-yourself orbiting space telescope in the works

Asteroid mining company Planetary Resources has launched a $1 million Kickstarter campaign to raise money to put a publicly-accessible telescope into space, and fund educational research.

By 30 May 2013


Asteroid mining: Land grab in space

Planetary Resources seeks to mine asteroids to further space exploration and to bring resources back to Earth. Experts say the idea is no longer science fiction.

By 24 April 2012


Is asteroid mining in our near future?

Mysterious company backed by film director James Cameron and Google's Larry Page and Eric Schmidt promises to "create a new industry" that will overlay space exploration and natural resources.

By 19 April 2012


NASA asks citizen scientists to become ‘asteroid hunters’

In an effort to avoid a potential apocalypse, the space agency is holding a contest to get people to help it discover deadly asteroids.

By 11 March 2014


'FireFly' ships could be asteroid mining by 2015

Deep Space Industries has said that it will have prospecting ships mining asteroids near Earth in the very near future.

By 23 January 2013


Curiosity rover beams back first snaps from Mars

Mars rover Curiosity has landed successfully and sent back its first images of the Martian surface.

By 6 August 2012