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These Pizza Hut cats want to serve and entertain you

Pizza Hut Japan has a new Web series -- "Pizza Cat" -- about cats running one of its restaurants. We'll take extra mozzarella with that meow, thanks.

By 31 August 2014


Pizza Hut table lets you touch-screen your toppings

If a Pizza Hut concept table actually gets made, restaurant-goers would be able to design their pies by touch.

By 5 March 2014


Pizza Hut: Xbox 360 owners are really hungry

The pizza maker's Xbox 360 app generated $1 million in four months.

By 10 January 2014


Pizza Hut to give away 660 PS4s by the end of 2013

Annoyed by the lack of PlayStation 4 units in Australia? Well, looks like someone's been stockpiling a few...

By 29 November 2013


Breakthrough: Order Pizza Hut from your Xbox

Why didn't anyone think of this before? Pizza Hut's new Xbox app allows you to order pies with the wave of your hand.

By 24 April 2013


'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' pizza thrower hurls whole pies

Pizza Hut launches a Comic-Con publicity stunt by creating a life-size version of a fictional pizza-flinging vehicle.

By 23 July 2014


Pizza Hut searches for Twittering intern

The restaurant chain is looking to hire a summer intern whose sole job will be to boost the chain's presence on Twitter. Really.

By 21 April 2009


Pizza Hut misses the mark with new Facebook app

Pizza Hut has just launched a new Facebook app, which falters at almost every turn.

By 15 October 2008


Bing's top searches reveal iPhone 5 as No. 1 news story

What do the iPhone 5, Kim Kardashian, and Pizza Hut have in common? Top Bing searches.

By 27 November 2012


The 404 1,179: Where we've found the right woman (podcast)

CNET Update's Bridget Carey comes to the defense of big chain pizza places like Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns. She'll also help us sort through the world's biggest collection of Apple merchandise and wag a finger at a new social network that lets women rate their dates on Facebook.

By 7 December 2012