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The remake of the old classic is really nothing like the original, but if you like escape-type survival games, Pitfall has tons of variation on the game mechanic you're used to.

By 11 August 2012

4 stars Editors' rating 11 August 2012

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To avoid Android pitfalls, Mozilla shoulders Firefox OS update burden

Mozilla doesn't want Firefox OS users to have out-of-date versions of the mobile OS, so it's working to offer updates itself over Wi-Fi connections.

By 27 February 2014


How Microsoft can avoid the pitfalls of Sony's PS4 announcement

Microsoft now has last licks at debuting the company's Xbox 360 successor. Here's how it can avoid a lukewarm reception.

By 23 February 2013


App of the Day: Pitfall

After 30 years, Pitfall Harry is back in an iOS game that's even more addicting than the original.

By 11 October 2012


The environmental pitfalls at the end of an iPhone's life

Recycling or throwing out any piece of consumer electronics has an environmental cost. Apple is among the most progressive companies dealing with the problem. But is it enough?

By 26 September 2012


App of the Day: Pitfall!

13 September 2012


The new Pitfall is great fun, but it's not the game you remember

Pitfall is a classic many gamers will remember from the 1980s. But in this fast-paced remake, you're going to need to stay on your toes to stay alive as long as possible.

By 11 August 2012


Pitfall gets a complete makeover (pictures)

Activision's Pitfall is a complete makeover of the original game previously found on consoles back in the 1980s.

7 Images By 11 August 2012


Atari classic Pitfall reborn for iOS

Pitfall Harry returns in this lively "free runner," which is both an excellent homage to the original and a fun spin on the genre.

By 10 August 2012


The pitfalls of buying an iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS for AT&T is attractively priced at $49, but a slower processor, possible compatibility issues, and the inability to take advantage of newer features are some of the reasons consumers should give it a second thought.

By 23 July 2011