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Indie artists have the most to lose from piracy, says ARIA

As the who's-who of the content industry gathered to launch a new guide to digital content, the head of ARIA says piracy doesn't just affect the big fish.

By 5 August 2014


Brandis and Turnbull at odds over who pays for piracy

The two politicians behind Australia's latest piracy discussion paper have contradicted each other on who should foot the bill for reform.

By 4 August 2014


Government's anti-piracy measures divide industry

Choice and iiNet say the paper won't address the problem, Foxtel calls it a "positive step" -- the Government's anti-piracy discussion paper has already divided the industry.

By 31 July 2014


Government proposes mandatory site blocking in piracy crackdown

ISPs could soon be required to block overseas pirate websites at the request of rights holders, according to a leaked Government paper.

By 25 July 2014


HBO VP weighs in on Australian Game of Thrones piracy

While in Sydney, Sofia Chang, VP and GM of HBO, has made some carefully worded comments on Australia's penchant for getting Game of Thrones via BitTorrent.

By 1 July 2014


Village Roadshow says iiNet is "complicit" in piracy

Despite admitting it has been slow to bring content to Australia in the past, Village Roadshow says iiNet provides a faulty product that allows its customers to break the law.

By 26 June 2014


Spotify Australia: our major competitor is piracy

Spotify Australia and New Zealand MD Kate Vale explains how the streaming service is trying to lure pirates onto the platform, and reveals hopes of striking a telco deal in Australia.

By 26 June 2014


Village Roadshow defends 'three strikes' policy against piracy, says iiNet is "scaremongering"

​With iiNet once again sparking debate on piracy and Federal Government representatives refusing to rule out a 'three strikes' response to the issue, Village Roadshow has opened up about how such a policy would actually be enforced.

By 25 June 2014


Who is responsible for 'Game of Thrones' piracy?

Some critics have blamed Australian pay TV service Foxtel's "outdated" business model for record breaking downloads of HBO's wildly popular show, but is the criticism warranted?

By 24 June 2014


Game of Thrones finale piracy hits 2 petabytes in 12 hours

Once again, Game of Thrones has broken all torrenting records -- records the show had already set itself.

By 17 June 2014