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Privacy, piracy and PlayStation in Girt by CNET Podcast 06

In this week's Girt by CNET, we cover Telstra's real-time data alerts, iiNet's ongoing legal battle with Dallas Buyers Club, just how much Aussies are willing to pay for legal downloads and NBN Co's new position on Fibre to the Home.

By 14 November 2014


iiNet refuses to give up customers over 'Dallas Buyers Club' piracy

The rights holders behind "Dallas Buyers Club" are pursuing a number of ISPs, including iiNet, to reveal the names of customers alleged to have downloaded the Oscar-winning film.

By 22 October 2014


Piracy by the numbers: How does it add up? (pictures)

After duking it out in the media for months, ISPs, rights holders, and lobby groups have met face-to-face to solve Australia's piracy problem. But what are the real-world stats behind the arguments and just how big is the problem?

6 Images By 11 September 2014


Indie artists have the most to lose from piracy, says ARIA

As the who's-who of the content industry gathered to launch a new guide to digital content, the head of ARIA says piracy doesn't just affect the big fish.

By 5 August 2014


Brandis and Turnbull at odds over who pays for piracy

The two politicians behind Australia's latest piracy discussion paper have contradicted each other on who should foot the bill for reform.

By 4 August 2014


Government's anti-piracy measures divide industry

Choice and iiNet say the paper won't address the problem, Foxtel calls it a "positive step" -- the Government's anti-piracy discussion paper has already divided the industry.

By 31 July 2014


Piracy police hijack ads on copyright-infringing websites

British police have come up with a new way of cutting off funding to websites that illegally share music and movies.

By 29 July 2014


Dear piracy apologists: Downloading unreleased films is not cool

Commentary: Even in the age of Spotify and Netflix, the movie-going experience remains largely intact. Not because of greed, but because filmmaking has no good alternative.

By 29 July 2014


Government proposes mandatory site blocking in piracy crackdown

ISPs could soon be required to block overseas pirate websites at the request of rights holders, according to a leaked Government paper.

By 25 July 2014


HBO VP weighs in on Australian Game of Thrones piracy

While in Sydney, Sofia Chang, VP and GM of HBO, has made some carefully worded comments on Australia's penchant for getting Game of Thrones via BitTorrent.

By 1 July 2014