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The near-perfect Pinterest mobile app rocks at just about all of your basic pinning and browsing needs.

By 30 May 2013

5 stars Editors' rating 30 May 2013

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Pinterest (Windows Phone)

Hardly any features mean Pinterest's half-hearted Web app for Windows Phone is not worth your time.

By 11 July 2014

1 stars Editors' rating 11 July 2014

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Pinterest teases camera-search tech to make shopping a snap

Users will soon be able to shoot a photo of a product they spot in the real world and get related recommendations online.

By 29 June 2016


Pinterest renaming 'Pin It' button as 'Save'

The digital-scrapbooking site is making the change to focus on attracting a broader international audience.

By 3 June 2016


Pinterest reaches 100 million monthly users

The San Francisco startup's global push helps it surpass 100 million monthly active users. But that's still far behind rivals like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

By 18 September 2015


Mark Zuckerberg's been hacked

It looks like a LinkedIn data breach lead to the Facebook CEO's Twitter and Pinterest accounts being compromised.

By 7 June 2016


15 things to look forward to in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Once the Windows 10 Anniversary Update hits, Microsoft Edge may actually be able to play in the same sandbox as other modern web browsers...

By 19 July 2016


How to throw a Dungeons & Dragons-theme bachelor party

Party like a paladin with archery, adventure and d20 dice aplenty at a party topped off with a chocolate dragon egg.

By 13 July 2016


Microsoft's Thinga.Me is a scrapbook app for organizing your real-world possessions

Want to share your coin collection with the world? Thinga.Me is the app for you.

By 7 July 2016


Pinterest launches diversity initiative, will share hiring goals with public

Digital-scrapbooking site announces partnership with startup to find strategies to increase staff diversity. It will share what works and what doesn't, in an aim to help the whole tech industry.

By 31 July 2015