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Matterport breathes life into fully immersive 3D models

Thanks to a low-cost camera and companion cloud service for snappy processing, creating models of 3D space just became a whole lot easier.

By 14 March 2014


Red Dead Redemption: The last great Western

From the same development team behind Grand Theft Auto comes Red Dead Redemption, the story of an ex-outlaw named John Marston who has been given a second chance at life. Set at the end of America's Wild West, Redemption is a truly ambitious effort from every angle. Does Redemption hold water on its own, or is it just Grand Theft Auto on horseback?

By 25 May 2010


China moon photo--real but faked

An expert says a photo of the moon from China's lunar spacecraft Chang'e is real but someone on Earth did a bad job of editing it.

By 6 December 2007


Uncanny valley of keyboards: Do small keys bother you?

How important is a keyboard to you when buying an ultraportable, and do fuller keys make you happier? In reviewing Lenovo's latest Netbooks, we began to wonder.

By 25 July 2009


Microsoft mapping goes 3D

New Virtual Earth interface merges gaming world photorealism with images of real-world cities. Photos: Virtual Earth 3D marries maps, search Video: Microsoft takes on Google

By 7 November 2006


Week in review: Vista release on the horizon

After five years of development and many delays, Microsoft says the update to Windows is ready to be released to consumers.

By 11 November 2006


Dead or Alive 4: Shiny slappy people

Dead or Alive 4 launches on Xbox 360 today, and Crave has spent all morning with this next-gen beauty. Punching someone in the face has never been this pretty

By 27 January 2006


Xbox 360 in a league of its own

At a preview event in San Francisco, a reporter gets a chance for a hands-on look at Microsoft's next-generation video game console.

By 11 October 2005


Three things holding back 3D


11 May 2001