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UK researchers invent 'artificial petrol' costing 19p per litre

British scientists are developing an artificial petrol that could cost as little as 19p per litre. The future fuel ditches hydrocarbons for the cleaner, more abundant element hydrogen.

By 3 February 2011


Porsche Panamera Diesel teaches petrol version a thing or two

The words 'Porsche' and 'diesel' rarely appear in the same sentence, but that just changed with the birth of the impressively efficient Porsche Panamera Diesel.

9 Images By 4 May 2011


DriveGain iPhone app badgers you to drive better, saves petrol

DriveGain for the iPhone claims to be able to save you cash, smooth out your technique and save you petrol and reduce pollution in one fell swoop.

By 30 November 2010


McLaren F1 designer readies T.27 electric city car and T.25 petrol variant

Great news, carbon botherers: a couple of eco-friendly city cars debuted this week, both designed by Gordon Murray -- the man behind the iconic McLaren F1 hypercar

3 Images By 1 July 2010


Vexia Econav 435 and 355 tested: Saving you petrol, in theory at least

Vexia is poised to release a new wave of Econavs, the 435 UK, 435 Europe, 355 UK and 355 Europe. We test its claims that it'll save you up to 30 per cent on your fuel bill

By 28 August 2009


Evoasis: Petrol stations set to go electric

The high cost of fuel means independent petrol stations have been rapidly disappearing, and now a US company wants to adapt the abandoned forecourts to charging electric cars

By 18 March 2009


Vodafone Compass leads the way to cheap petrol

Vodafone's latest version of its Compass GPS system allows users to find cheap petrol nearby. Will this be the feature that moves GPS in mobile phones beyond the novelty phase?

By 4 December 2007


Oily Bits: The Intake System

To allow an engine to function properly, and for it to be controlled, it needs an intake system. Intake systems for petrol engines, which should be designed to deliver a balanced flow of air to each cylinder in the engine, consist of several parts: the intake manifold, a fuel delivery system, a throttle assembly and an air filter.

By 3 March 2014


Banger racing (destruction derby) proves that motorsport doesn't have to be expensive

Everyone with a drop of petrol in their veins fancies their chances as a racing driver, right? Well, one way to get your racing kicks is to try banger racing (destruction derby). So we had a go.

By 9 August 2013


Toyota returns to 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours with LMP1 hybrid race car

Toyota returns to Le Mans 24 Hours in 2012 with a new race car powered by a petrol hybrid powertrain.

By 16 October 2011