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'Gloggers' paint unique picture of the RNC

Crave blogger Eric Mack meets two storytellers who are using graphic artistry to report on the Republican National Convention.

By 21 July 2016


Painting pictures and building boat-robots with SPRK+ and Lightning Lab (pictures)

Sphero's updated educational coding robot gets hardware and software improvements, and we got to play with it for an afternoon.

17 Images By 21 June 2016


Apple CEO Tim Cook swears he saw an iPhone in a 350-year-old painting

Technically Incorrect: Speaking in Amsterdam, Cook jokes that he's not sure Steve Jobs actually invented Apple's iconic device.

By 26 May 2016


As Apple paints MacBook pink, Android's emoji blobs get a makeover

The 12-inch MacBook gets a hardware boost as Apple teases news coming to WWDC. Also, Google shows off new humanlike emojis coming to Android N, and more reports surface on what Sony is planning for the PlayStation 4 "Neo."

By 20 April 2016


Machine learning goes for baroque and paints 'brand new' Rembrandt

Facial recognition software has analysed 346 Rembrandt paintings to create an all-new work in the artist's style.

By 7 April 2016


VR gets surreal with Dali experience (Tomorrow Daily 304 show notes)

"Dreams of Dali" is a special virtual-reality exhibit at the Dali Museum, but you can check out the video on your smartphone if you have Google Cardboard or a Gear VR.

By 27 January 2016


Let's explore a Dali painting using VR (Tomorrow Daily 304)

A virtual-reality exhibit featuring an interactive Dali painting, and a look at a drone with a special cage that makes it incredibly rugged.

By 27 January 2016


Oculus painting tool Quill makes for VR magic

Artist Wesley Allsbrook demonstrates Quill, a 3D virtual-reality drawing experience for Oculus that lets you paint in the air simply by waving your hands.

27 January 2016


Virtual reality let me paint in space, and it was pure magic

At the Sundance Film Festival, CNET's Richard Trenholm tries out a stunning new tool from Oculus that lets you draw fantastical creations in the air just by waving your hands.

By 27 January 2016