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22bn-block Minecraft map of Britain crafted by Ordnance Survey

Using its free OS OpenData, the mapping agency translated 50-metre chunks of Britain into blocks in one of the biggest real-world Minecraft maps ever made.

By 24 September 2013


Army ROV clears underwater ordnance off Hawaii

Working at a site off Oahu once used as a marine munitions dump, the Army's Roumrs ROV has cleared dozens of pieces of exploded ordnance.

By 9 August 2011


Ordnance Survey and GeoVation map the future with mashup competition

Ordnance Survey is backing GeoVation, a competition to win cash for ideas that make the map of the future

By 5 November 2009


Mapping agency builds all of Great Britain in Minecraft

British governmental mapping company Ordnance Survey has re-created the entirety of Great Britain in Minecraft using real-world data.

By 28 September 2013


Keep your gloves on with the ViewRanger sat-nav app

ViewRanger wants you to get out in the snow, with a sat-nav app that uses Ordnance Survey maps to keep you from getting lost in a drift, and support for glove-friendly touchscreen phones

By 13 January 2010


Laser equipped Humvee pops and fizzles IEDs

Boeing test-markets a directed-energy device for ordnance disposal, set on a mobile platform traditionally used for anti-aircraft missions.

By 22 November 2007


Google Map Maker arrives in U.K.

The United Kingdom's denizens now can add detail such as paths and businesses to Google's online maps service. But remember: it's free labor for Google.

By 11 April 2013


To find lost jungle graves, beware of unexploded WWII bombs

The BentProp Project has been searching the Palauan jungle for years to find the remains of POWs and others executed by the Japanese. Unexploded WWII bombs make it a risky quest.

By 20 April 2014


Cubli cube robot demonstrates incredible balance

Cubli is a cube-shaped robot that can jump up, balance on a single corner, and "walk" itself across a desk, all using off-the-shelf parts.

By 18 March 2014