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E3 2014

E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, highlights the latest in interactive games.


Follow the 2012 Olympic games on your iOS or Android phone

The 2012 Olympics are finally getting underway in London and -- if you have the right set of apps -- you won't miss a thing.

By 28 July 2012


Twitter to be 'official narrator' of Olympic Games

The social networking site will create an Olympic hub to showcase the tweets of Olympians, their families and TV pundits.

By 23 July 2012


NBC Olympics to stream games live on mobile devices

The latest addition to the Olympics tech revamp are two apps that let users watch the world's greatest sports event live from a mobile device.

By 13 July 2012


London Olympic computer system warms up for 2012 Games

Testing has begun on the computers that will keep the 2012 London Olympics running, jumping, diving and trampolining.

By 21 January 2011


Olympic notebook: Meet the Games' youngest reporter

10-year-old Brennan LaBrie, in town to cover the Games as a Time magazine "kid reporter," is already a veteran journalist.

By 19 February 2010


Olympic notebook: A kid's first hockey game

Canadian kindergartner gets a first-rate game for his inauguration to the national pastime, witnessing Switzerland's shootout victory over Belarus on Tuesday. Also, scenes from figure skating.

By 25 February 2010


Olympic notebook: The glitchy Games

A cauldron controversy, torch issue, ice-resurfacing problems and weather-related ticket cancellations have the Vancouver Games off to a rough start.

By 18 February 2010


Scenes from an Olympic hockey game

CNET's Ina Fried bought a ticket on the street and managed to get caught up in Vancouver's hockey fever.

By 18 February 2010


Inside an Olympic hockey game (photos)

CNET's Ina Fried finally made it inside the Olympic competition, checking out a game between Finland and Belarus.

13 Images By 18 February 2010


Olympics notebook: Interview with a Games junkie

Norman Tu is a self-described Olympics addict, attending at his seventh games. But, he says, that's the perk of owning his own company.

By 16 February 2010