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Google I/O 2014

All the news from the annual Google I/O event, including the latest on Android.


Free Wi-Fi for London 2012 Olympics thanks to O2

Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and much of the West End will benefit from free O2 Wi-fi during the London 2012 Olympics.

By 25 July 2012


Google I/O 2012: The video!

We've gathered all our video footage from day one of Google I/O 2012 in one place for your viewing pleasure and convenience.

By 28 June 2012


Join us for the Google I/O 2012 Day 2 keynote (live blog)

The Day 2 keynote of Google I/O should focus on the company's Web presence with an emphasis on Chrome. Join CNET for our live blog.

By 28 June 2012


Google I/O 2012 Day 1 keynote (live blog)

Google is expected to have a flurry of news at its annual developer conference. Join us 9 a.m. PT Wednesday for our live blog of the opening keynote.

By 27 June 2012


What we might get for Android at Google I/O 2012

As usual, there's no shortage of Android rumors leading up to the annual Google conference.

By 23 June 2012


Google raises registration fee for I/O 2012

In addition to raising the registration price for the annual event, developers are also required to use Google Wallet.

By 14 March 2012


All that Nexus is not gold

We discuss all the latest from Google's I/O 2012 conference, including the Nexus Q and 7, plus the quest to buy a Tuscan village on eBay.

By 28 June 2012


Google I/O Day 2 is on the horizon

Fatigued from that exhilarating extreme sports demo of Google Glasses? Thrilled at the prospect of the Nexus Q? There's more to come Thursday on Day 2 of Google I/O 2012.

By 28 June 2012


Ep. 71: Princess Leia's dirty secret

Star Wars is great, but Star Wars on your head is much better. The Crave team discuss this idea in depth in this first episode of 2012, along with Jell-O dispensers for grown-ups, Starcraft in Lego, and harmonizing Hobbits.

By 4 January 2012


Google I/O moves to June

Google's annual developers conference, where it unveils its latest innovations, will be held in late June this year.

By 20 February 2014