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Nyan Cat, Keyboard Cat creators suing Warner Bros

The creators of Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat are suing Warner Bros (WB) over the use of their memes in the Scribblenauts series of games.

By 7 May 2013


Miaow! Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat creators sue Warner Bros

Creators of two of the most popular cats on the Internet are suing Warner Bros over copyright infringement.

By 5 May 2013


Best of Nyan Cat

Where there's a meme, you'll find dozens of crafters, fingers a-twitch to create their own versions. We embarked upon the vast sea of rainbows, pop tarts and fan art to bring you a collection of creations inspired by the so very baffling Nyan Cat.

16 Images By 8 August 2012


Explaining Extensions in iOS 8

iOS 8 isn't just about releasing new features built by Apple, it's about enabling developers to build amazing apps and services for our iPhones and iPads.

By 18 September 2014


Grumpy Cat claims 'best cat on the internet' award

Grumpy Cat has claimed the Golden Kitty award from Henri Le Chat Noir at the second annual Internet Cat Video Festival in Minnesota.

By 2 September 2013


Geek pasties turn 'Star Trek,' Grumpy Cat into bosom buddies

Shake your geek thing with sequined pasties that show your devotion to science fiction, comics, casual games, and cat memes.

By 1 January 2013


Flush with your smartphone: Toilets get Bluetooth

Praying to the porcelain god is about to get a lot more hands-off with a new line of Bluetooth-enabled toilets controlled by an Android app.

By 18 December 2012


Geekify your kitchen with 8-bit chopping boards

These cutting boards made from chequerboard patterns of end grain make them the perfect blank slate, just waiting to be turned into 8-bit gaming icons.

By 3 August 2012


Cut to the chase with this 8-bit Mario board

If you can't stand being away from Mario, use him to chop your veggies.

By 30 May 2012


Your vote could change Facebook's privacy policy

Google is officially in the hardware business, some well-loved sites take home Webby Awards, and Facebook is expected to let users vote on its privacy policy.

By 23 May 2012