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Nintendo DS: When casual gaming got epic

Nintendo's dual-screened DS console levelled the playing field, and created a new philosophy for video games. Luke Westaway recounts its impressive history.

By 17 November 2014


Nintendo DS classic Scribblenauts hits iOS

If you never had the chance to play the DS version, you're in for a treat. Too bad it's such a short one.

By 25 October 2011


The Nintendo DS has sold more than 50m in the US

The best-selling video game system ever (in America at least) has just passed 50m units. Shame the 3DS is lagging behind somewhat.

By 17 October 2011


Nintendo DS Lite drops to $99

The third-newest Nintendo portable game system on the market can finally be had for less than $100.

By 1 June 2011


iOS, Android gobbling Nintendo DS market share

Flurry Analytics says the DS's share of the mobile gaming market is headed sharply downward as consumers turn to smartphone-centric games like Angry Birds.

By 16 April 2011


iPod classic and Nintendo DS neck and neck in our Greatest Gadget contest

Apple's iPod classic and Nintendo's DS handheld console are taking it to the wire in our Greatest Gadget tournament. Which deserves to go through to the next round? It's up to you...

By 18 November 2010


Why the Nintendo DS is the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century

Nintendo's portable gaming powerhouse is to gadgetry as bacon is to food: the best. Allow Luke Westaway to explain why.

By 3 November 2010


Nintendo DS as a glucose meter

We deliver a ton of mobile-phone news, Facebook gets some probing by the FTC, and we discuss how to use a Nintendo DS to test your blood sugar level.

By 28 April 2010


Nintendo DS gets romantic

Harlequin Books becomes the first non-Japanese publisher to enjoy its books on the Nintendo DS. The interactive features seem certain to create a new experience in every home and love hotel.

By 16 March 2010


Rumor: Details on the next Nintendo DS

Take this story with a grain of salt, but rumors are beginning to swirl around Nintendo and the possible successor to the DS portable gaming system. According to a post on CrunchGear, a writer for RPAD.tv has revealed some top-secret details about the yet-to-be announced handheld.

By 16 March 2010