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Next Google Nexus handset could be phablet

New phone codenamed "Shamu" will feature a 5.9-inch screen, sources tell the Wall Street Journal.

By 10 October 2014


The next Google TV might be a Nexus

The imminent relaunch of the Google TV brand might also include a change in name, aligning Google's big-screen devices with its Nexus phones and tablets.

By 9 December 2013


Andy Rubin's next Google moonshot project: Robots

The former Android leader is in charge of one of Google's "moonshots," an effort to use robots to free humans from drudgery.

By 4 December 2013


Next Google Nexus phone could arrive this month

The next Google Nexus phone could arrive in the next month, if new rumours are true.

By 2 October 2012


HTC One X 5-inch could arrive as the next Google Nexus 5

The giant HTC One X 5 could, in fact, arrive as the Google Nexus 5, with Android Jelly Bean and a giant 1080p screen.

By 25 September 2012


Report: Details leaked on next Google Nexus phone

Claiming that it's learned exclusively about Google's next Nexus device, Boy Genius Report says the phone will feature a dual-core processor, a 720p HD screen, and no physical buttons below the screen.

By 16 June 2011


Telstra Next G Prepaid Broadband

Telstra's prepaid wireless broadband offering is good for casual browsers or those who'd rather avoid dodgy Net cafes, but beware -- there's a pricing sting to be considered.

By 13 November 2007

4 stars Editors' rating 13 November 2007

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Telstra Next G to be 4G in 2011

Telstra will roll out 4G service in 2011, promising peak speeds of 100Mbps.

By 15 February 2011


BigPond Next G Wireless Broadband USB Mobile Card

Telstra's Next G USB modem pushes the wireless broadband needle past 2Mbps, making it a better choice than its sibling PC Card in most (but not all) situations.

By 5 January 2007

4.5 stars Editors' rating 5 January 2007

Typical price: $299.00

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BigPond Next G Wireless Broadband USB Modem

This funky looking USB desktop modem looks to muscle in on the wireless broadband market

By 18 December 2006

Typical price: $249.00