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Telstra Next G Prepaid Broadband

Telstra's prepaid wireless broadband offering is good for casual browsers or those who'd rather avoid dodgy Net cafes, but beware -- there's a pricing sting to be considered.

By 13 November 2007

4 stars Editors' rating 13 November 2007

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LG's next G5 phone to sport 'always on' screen

The South Korean company posted a teaser on its Facebook page, giving fans a glimpse of what its new top-end phone has in store.

By 10 February 2016

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BigPond Next G Wireless Broadband USB Modem

This funky looking USB desktop modem looks to muscle in on the wireless broadband market

By 18 December 2006

Typical price: $249.00


BigPond Next G Wireless Broadband Mobile Card

Fancy a 1.3Mbps broadband pipeline direct to your notebook, without a cable in sight? The new BigPond wireless data card makes good on Telstra's lofty promises for its Next G network.

By 14 November 2006

4.5 stars Editors' rating 14 November 2006

Typical price: $299.00


BigPond Next G Wireless Broadband USB Mobile Card

Telstra's Next G USB modem pushes the wireless broadband needle past 2Mbps, making it a better choice than its sibling PC Card in most (but not all) situations.

By 5 January 2007

4.5 stars Editors' rating 5 January 2007

Typical price: $299.00


Telstra Next G to be 4G in 2011

Telstra will roll out 4G service in 2011, promising peak speeds of 100Mbps.

By 15 February 2011


Ask Us: Will my phone work on Telstra's Next G network?

In this episode of Ask Us we answer one of the most commonly asked questions about mobile phones: will my phone work on the Telstra Next G network?

By 2 September 2009


Telstra to offer Next G ready laptops

Telstra has teamed up with Acer to add notebooks and laptops to its Next G range of devices, offering these machines on similar monthly contracts it sells mobile phones on.

By 10 August 2009


Telstra readies Next G mobiles for barcode invasion

Uncross those eyes! It may look like a 3-D image but it's in fact a barcode designed to direct your web browser to a relevant web page, or a phone number to dial.

By 4 July 2008


Next G BlackBerry with Windows Live

The new BlackBerry Bold 9000 to come with integrated Windows Live services and to be offered on Telstra's Next G network.

By 13 May 2008