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What's happening with Voice Over LTE in Australia

Voice Over LTE, or VoLTE, is starting to appear on Australian 4G networks. But what is it, how do you get it and what will it do for you?

By 25 November 2015


The Good e-Book: Newcastle hotel swaps Bibles for Kindles

A U.K. hotel is stocking guest rooms with electronic versions of the Bible as a contemporary nod to the area's book publishing history.

By 3 July 2012


Praying mantises wear tiny 3D glasses for science

Researchers at the University of Newcastle are exploring the computational abilities of praying mantis eyes by having them wear tiny 3D glasses.

By 29 April 2014


O2 4G for Edinburgh in next few weeks, closing gap on EE

O2 4G is coming to Edinburgh, Newcastle, Wetherby and Huddersfield in weeks, as the LTE network now covers a quarter of Britain's population.

By 9 November 2013


EE goes 4G in 10 new towns, doubles up in Belfast

EE has added 10 more towns to its extra-fast 4G line-up, as well as doubling data speeds in Belfast, Newcastle and Southampton.

By 24 July 2013


Vodafone switches on its 4G network

The telco is now offering 4G in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle and Wollongong.

By 12 June 2013


Australia going smart-grid

The initial $100 million rollout, to take place "mid 2010," will include the central business district of Sydney, the city of Newcastle, and several towns.

By 10 June 2010


Off-topic: Arsenal 3 Newcastle 0 (FA Cup)


By 27 January 2008


Off-topic: Arsenal 1, Newcastle 1 (ARGH!)


By 6 December 2007