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Australia is ready for electronic voting, says internet industry body

In the wake of Australia's recent election, the Australian Information Industry Association has called for Australia to adopt an electronic voting system.

By 5 July 2016


Australia tests out putting crossing signals where you're really looking: down

The government is reportedly experimenting with ground-level semaphores for pedestrians who stare at their phones while crossing the street.

By 2 June 2016


How to survive a zombie apocalypse (with Nerf blasters)

Think you can outlive hundreds of ravenous zombies? Team CNET did. So its members threw themselves into the deep end with the humans-versus-zombies survival game Zedtown to prove it.

By 16 June 2016


Uber ride-sharing legalised in NSW

Uber's controversial ride-sharing service is now effectively legal in New South Wales, with the state government offering compensation to taxi drivers affected by the legislation

By 17 December 2015


Australian Roads Minister's stern reminder: Hoverboards are banned

Marty McFly made them cool and Justin Bieber has even ridden one, but a politician in Australia has played the "Christmas Grinch" warning against buying hoverboards, which are banned on local roads.

By 25 November 2015


Australian police get McLaren and Aston Martin supercars

For a few weeks, police in New South Wales will get to drive around in style to help raise awareness for the Police Legacy charity.

By 14 September 2015


Couch surfing with a robotic couch

Does your couch need a high-tech makeover? This robocouch developed by students at the University of New South Wales takes you for a comfy ride controlled via USB gamepad.

By 5 September 2014


Sports tech for elite athletes

We check out the tech behind the medals as we go inside the New South Wales Institute of Sport.

By 16 August 2011


PreVue: How to watch a baby in utero

A design concept out of the University of New South Wales may never come to fruition, but the stretchable device has just won a design award in Australia.

By 26 March 2011


Marketing agency pretends it's the police on Twitter

An Australia company opens a Twitter account in the name of the New South Wales police, calling it a "social media experiment."

By 27 May 2009