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Photos: Nokia N96 vs Nokia N95 8GB vs Nokia N95 vs iPhone

In case the 3G iPhone hype made you forget about all the other phones out there, we've got some pictures to remind you that Nokia is definitely not out of the super phone game

By 4 June 2008


Farewell Nokia: The rise and fall of a mobile pioneer

Nokia was once a dominant force in the wireless world. CNET takes a look at its successes -- and what went wrong.

By 25 April 2014


Pocket Filmmaker: Time bending effects

Apps that bend, stretch and reverse time push smartphones ahead of video cameras for getting great results with little fuss.

By 4 February 2014


Pocket Filmmaker: Instagram filmmaking

Our resident pocket filmmaker, Jason van Genderen, focuses in on Instagram and how to make a good 15 second video.

By 3 February 2014


Pocket Filmmaker: smooth aerial movements

If you're committed to using a smartphone for your shooting, here's a few ways to get slick, smooth movement like you'd get from a crane or jib with a bigger camera.

By 16 January 2014


Long-term test: 18 months with a Nokia N95 8GB

Eighteen months have passed since one CNET employee sold his soul to get a Nokia N95. How has he found it, and was it worth the price?

By 5 May 2009


Top five free apps you must have on your N95

Sick of iPhone users taunting your with their fancy apps? We run through five of the best N95 apps and explain what they do and why you should download them

By 30 March 2009


Six things Nokia did to make the modern cell phone

Microsoft is buying Nokia's phone business for $7.2 billion. For that cash, Microsoft is getting a lot of cell phone history.

By 3 September 2013


Pocket Filmmaker: making great holiday pocket films

You might only be using a smartphone, but you can still make sure you're taking the best video you can when you're out and about on holiday.

By 20 May 2013


3 to offer Comes With Music on N95 8GB contract

3 will be the first network in the UK to offer Nokia's Comes With Music service on a contract, bundled with a Nokia N95 8GB for £35 a month

By 24 October 2008