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MySpace hacking might be the biggest data breach yet

If you were a registered MySpace user before 2013, your account might be one of the 360 million compromised.

By 1 June 2016


Five ways to delete yourself from the internet

Finally ready to get off the grid? It's not quite as simple as it should be, but here are a few easy-to-follow steps that will at the very least point you in the right direction.

By 29 June 2016


Obama, Zuckerberg promote entrepreneurship at Stanford

President Barack Obama and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg talk about the importance of entrepreneurs at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

By 25 June 2016


Lonelygirl15 returns to YouTube, proves the internet is finally out of ideas

Like the awkward teenage photos that get dragged out at Christmas, lonelygirl15 is back. And if you're wondering whether a 2006 hoax web series will translate, things are still just as cryptic.

By 17 June 2016


Orlando gunman posted threats to Facebook before massacre

Omar Mateen threatened additional attacks in a now-deleted post, CBS News reports.

By 16 June 2016


Twitter locks user accounts that need 'extra protection'

Social network reaffirms that its platform was not hacked, but makes some users reset their passwords as a precaution.

By 11 June 2016


Hacker allegedly selling data for millions of Twitter accounts

A hacker claims to have procured a cache containing information on hundreds of millions of Twitter users.

By 9 June 2016


NASA spots real 'Death Star' vaporizing a mini planet

Maybe "Star Wars" isn't so fictional after all. NASA's Kepler space telescope discovers a dead star chowing down on a small rocky object.

By 23 October 2015


MySpace all over again: Facebook gets GIFs, Ep. 135

Shocking news from MIT, where some students made a device that will shock them when they've spent too much time on Facebook. In other Facebook news, Giphy.com is making GIFs a thing on the social-networking site, circa MySpace 1996. Video earrings turn you into a walking television, and Haptix turns any flat surface into a 3D multitouch surface. Ah, the possibilities.

By 31 August 2013


Crave Ep. 135: MySpace all over again: Facebook gets GIFs

You'll be shocked (literally shocked) to realize how much time you spend on Facebook. Plus, a couch that can balance on one leg, and the worst celebrity-branded tech products ever.

By 31 August 2013