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Huawei's top devices of MWC 2012 (photos)

Huawei showed off more than a handful of smartphones and tablets in Barcelona, Spain, including the quad-core MediaPad tablet and Ascend D Quad.

12 Images By 28 February 2012


The phones that stole the show on Day 1 of MWC 2012

It's only been the first day and tons of new and exciting phones have already debuted. Here we collect the devices that impressed us on day one of MWC 2012.

11 Images By 27 February 2012


HTC posts MWC 2012 teaser on Facebook

Five days before MWC, an ambiguous picture posted on HTC's Facebook teases about "something fast."

By 23 February 2012


Forget 4G. Here's what 5G wireless tech will look like

Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg shares his vision for 5G, which includes smarter networks and, of course, much higher speeds.

By 8 January 2015


Lunching at the NFC Cafe (photos)

At the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, CNET visited the NFC Cafe to see the many possibilities for mobile payments.

10 Images By 4 March 2012


Scenes from Mobile World Congress (photos)

Join CNET as we bring you the sights from Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

26 Images By 3 March 2012


ZTE phones, tablets of MWC (photos)

ZTE announced 15 smartphones and tablets at MWC 2012, spanning a range of LTE, HD, and high and low performance. Here's a look at some notables.

9 Images By 2 March 2012


Google's MWC booth an Android wonderland (photos)

Google's playful booth drew MWC crowds to its stations in an almost carnival-like atmosphere. Moreover, it reaffirmed Android's brand dominance through sky-high levels of interaction and reward.

16 Images By 2 March 2012


Dolby, Qualcomm shed light on HDR tech (photos)

At Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm demonstrates JPEG-HDR, a Dolby Laboratories technology for capturing and showing a better range of dark and light tones than ordinary cameras can handle.

7 Images By 2 March 2012


Skype for Windows Phone beta (photos)

Skype for Windows Phone is finally here! We got a look of the app in its beta form; a few months before the "gold" version comes out in April.

4 Images By 1 March 2012