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CNET makes its own fun at MWC

From bloopers to moments of tech-addled madness, here are the bits of CNET's Mobile World Congress coverage that made us chuckle.

By 26 February 2016

Trade show

MWC 2013

Our editors bring you complete Mobile World Congress 2013 coverage and scour the show for the hottest new phones, tablets, apps and accessories.


Google's Android pins and custom water bottles are driving attendees at MWC crazy

As the trade show draws its curtains closed, showgoers are still trying to get their hands on the final elusive gold Android pin, while others are spending hours in line to get an Android water bottle.

By 26 February 2016


We snagged the entire collection of Android pin badges at MWC

Every year at Mobile World Congress, Android produces a large set of adorable pin badges. This time, we snatched up the whole lot.

12 Images By 26 February 2016


ZTE's elegant new Blade phones pop up at MWC (pictures)

Designed for the budget-conscious, ZTE showed off its Blade V7 and Blade V7 Lite phones at MWC 2016.

16 Images By 22 February 2016


Programmable phones and goliath tablets among Alcatel's MWC offering (pictures)

We take a look through all of Alcatel's products at this year's MWC, including an enormous tablet and a sleek phone with a custom side button.

10 Images By 21 February 2016


Samsung-backed smart shoes to debut at MWC

The Iofit smart shoes are designed to help improve balance and body posture.

By 18 February 2016


LG shows off new X Cam and X Screen phones ahead of MWC (hands-on)

The South Korean electronics giant released details on two new midrange smartphones, one with dual cameras and another with dual screens.

By 15 February 2016


Xiaomi Mi 5 set for debut at MWC on 24 February

The followup to the impressive Mi 4 will make its debut next month at the world's biggest smartphone show in Barcelona.

By 26 January 2016


LG's big-battery X Power heads up four new 'X' smartphones

The South Korean tech giant lifts the lid on four new mobiles, each of which emphasise a particular feature, from battery life to speedy data to design.

By 16 June 2016


LG can't follow Apple, says VP, 'We have to be different'

For LG, the modular G5 phone is the first step in a new strategy. Here's why.

By 18 May 2016