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$18,500 TIE Fighter music box hides surprising tunes

Only 99 of these pricey music boxes will be made, each playing six movie and TV themes including -- of course -- the theme to "Star Wars."

By 15 July 2015


Game-changing $5 chemistry set inspired by music box

A Stanford researcher reinvents the chemistry set completely in the form of an inexpensive gizmo modeled after a hand-crank music box.

By 11 April 2014


A $12,000 music box for the Sith Lord who has everything

This walnut and aluminum, spaceship-shaped music "box" plays music from "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" on one of its cylinders. And when you're ready to come back down to Earth, you can play classic rock on the other.

By 27 April 2013


Music Box USB gives storage an antique spin

If you've a thing for nostalgia, this antique music box has a pretty modern spin--a USB drive.

By 14 July 2009


MusicBox maps future for managing large music collections

Anita Lillie's thesis for MIT Media Labs resulted in a futuristic music library visualization tool.

By 18 December 2008


Revelations from Pandora's music box

Tim Westergren, founder and chief strategy officer of Pandora, is looking to change royalty rates, the musician class system and how companies interact with their customers.

By 19 September 2007


Pandora's music box on Sprint phones

Company unveils an updated Web site and new partnerships that would make its streaming Internet radio service more mobile.

By 24 May 2007


Pandora's music box inspires fans

Internet radio service gathers listeners as founder tours the U.S. meeting music lovers. Images: Listening in on Pandora

By 21 July 2006


Massive custom musical instrument uses 2,000 marbles to play songs (Tomorrow Daily show notes)

It took Swedish musician Martin Molin 14 months to build the Wintergatan Marble Machine, and the finished product looks and sounds like something straight out of a futuristic Alice in Wonderland concert.

By 3 March 2016