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Verizon uses Super Bowl to show off LTE broadcast video

It's called multicast, and it's Verizon's way of beaming high-quality video to many people at once.

By 1 February 2014


NBN Co: 'we are not set up to be a broadcaster'

NBN Co has been approached to embed media multicast functions, but the network provider is not interested.

By 4 December 2012


3 trials DVB-H rival for mobile TV

3 and Ericsson claim they are first to trial Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS) in Australia, a mobile TV technology that delivers content over existing 3G networks more efficiently.

By 15 August 2007


Broadband dreams and multicast 'beams'

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf says the Internet will only make good on its true broadband promise when ISPs finally adopt multicast technology.

29 September 2004


Verizon, CBS strike Fios TV content deal

Deal includes analog, digital, multicast and high-definition programming rights to CBS Television Network content.

By 21 March 2006


Streaming provider brings in $4 million

ChainCast Networks, a provider of streaming services for Internet radio, has secured $4 million in its latest round of funding with investors that included GIC Special Investments. The company said it will use the additional funds to launch new services and software products for enterprise audio-video streaming. San Jose, Calif.-based ChainCast Networks said it markets its streaming service, dubbed Virtual Multicast Routing, to media groups, radio Webcasters and corporate enterprises. In October, ChainCast acquired Seattle-based, StreamAudio, a Web radio and ad-replacement company.

2 April 2002


Short Take: Satellite equipment to top $7 billion, study says

The satellite multicast equipment market is expected to be valued at $7 billion in 2005, up from $500 million this year, according to research from Pioneer Consulting. Internet service providers and businesses will fuel demand for satellite multicasting gear, the study said. In 2005, North America will represent the largest market at nearly $2.9 billion, with Asia Pacific next at $1.9 billion, and Europe at about $1.2 billion. Satellite technology is capable of broadcasting video and Internet content to multiple users simultaneously.

5 May 2000


Short Take: Intel offers software distribution tools

Intel has released LANDesk Targeted Multicasting Software, a package of software distribution tools based on IP multicast technology. The software speeds up the distribution of software over a network while reducing bandwidth consumption and removing the need to reconfigure routers. Software distribution saves time and money by automating the delivery of new applications, software patches, virus pattern updates or other programs, and eliminating the need to physically visit each PC or server. Visit Intel's software site for information on pricing and availability.

By 29 March 2000


Net said to need multicasting

Proponents of IP multicasting believe that widespread adoption of the technology is just around the corner.

10 February 1998


Broadening multicasting's reach

Multicasting experts meet at the first IP Multicasting Summit to spread the gospel of the emerging Internet protocol.

By 17 January 1997